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FaceAR 18.0 Release: Acne Removal + Photo Processing

Banuba video face beautification acne removal

FaceAR 18.0 release includes some major add-ons to Face Beautification SDK, a range of new photo post-processing features for Face Filters SDK as well as a couple of handy add-ons for developers.

Here are the updates we’ve made.

Face Beautification SDK

  • Acne removal in photo processing (iOS)

Users can now upload photos from the Gallery and fix their skin defects by tapping on the area needed to be fixed.

Banuba video face beautification acne removal


  • Image editing mode in platform modules (Android) B

Face beautification is now available for previously taken photos on Android too.

  • Hair segmentation neural network updated

We’ve improved our hair segmentation neural network for delivering more accurate virtual hair recoloring experience on long hairs.

Face Filters SDK

  • Processing Bitmap and apply effect on it (Android)

Users can now upload photos from their Gallery and post process them with Banuba effects.

  • 360-degree device orientation support in photo taking

Users can now take photos in any device orientation without the loss of face tracking.

  • Action Units improvements

Delivering more accurate avatar mimics for lips when the user is talking.

General improvements

  • Universal framework for device and simulator (iOS)
  • Ability to setup several listeners in EffectPlayer
  • Support of Bitmap in FullImageData constructor (Android)
  • Added assertions in EffetPlayer life cycle (for video processing)
  • Losing face orientation after android activity restart is fixed
  • Physics on multi-face effects is working correctly



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Banuba FaceAR Platform includes several components, i.e. Face Filter SDK, Face Beautification SDK, Avatars and Face Analytics. You can use each component separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

See how our FaceAR Platform can help you to empower your app with some amazing features that your users will love. See FaceAR Platform



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