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FaceAR 16.0 Release: 3D Virtual Try On For Lips, Hair, Skin, Eyes (Android)

hair recolor facear 16

Our Face AR Platform 16.0 release focuses mostly on Android bringing new features for Face Beautification SDK and Face Filters SDK along with better technology performance on low-end devices. The technologies that have been previously available in the demo has now improved to the production-ready stage. Here're the updates that you can test!

Face Beautification SDK

Neural networks for hair (Android)

Virtual hair recoloring is now fully available with our Face Beautification SDK. Allow users to change the hair colors in real time and see it live like in the mirror. Make it a standalone feature or the cool add-on to face filters and beauty looks.

hair recolor facear 16

Neural networks for lips and skin (Android)

We can enable separate makeup application to specific areas e.g. only lipstick or blusher or full face makeup looks. Improved from demo to production-ready. skin segmentation face ar 16


Neural networks for eyes / iris segmentation (Android)

Change the color of the eyes from realistic color lenses keeping the real iris or allow users to try magic eyes, e.g. of a beast. Improved the accuracy to production-ready.

eyes sermentation face ar 16

Face Filters SDK

Neural networks for background separation (Android)

We improved the background separation technology for Android. It now can be used in live video chats to hide everything behind the user.

background banuba face ar sdk-2

Full body segmentation neural network (iOS)

You can create augmented reality filters that separate the user’s full body and place effects on the background. Ideal for AR photo booths and video chats.

Face detection in any orientation (Android)

Real-time face filter and 3d virtual try on Android experiences have become more smooth though faster face detection in any device orientation.

General improvements

  • Neural networks rendering for Android
  • Performance on low-end Android devices
  • Camera FPS increased on Huawei devices
  • Launch time improved on first run (Android)

We enhanced the color transferring capabilities making it possible to create realistic lipstick, eyeshadows and hair colors for virtual makeovers on Android.

More updates on the way!


FaceAR SDK 15.0: New Possibilities With Better Performance

Face AR SDK 14.0 Update: New Features For You!

Banuba Face AR Platform includes several components, i.e. Face Filter SDK, Face Beautification SDK, Avatar SDK and Face Analytics SDK. You can use each component separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

See how our Face AR Platform can help you to empower your app with some amazing features that your users will love.

See FaceAR Platform


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