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Spark AR Goes Public So Anyone Can Create Camera Face Filters

facebook spark ar

Exciting news in the face filter world! Facebook announced its Spark AR augmented reality platform is now opened to the world so now anyone can create custom camera face filters for Instagram. The best part? No coding needed!

Before that, Spark AR closed beta was available to the limited circle of AR content creators. And we’ve already seen some amazing examples of how people without any coding craft a true FaceAR art.

The new update brings augmented reality face filters to the masses and we couldn’t but try it and compare with the possibilities of our Face Filter SDK and Studio. The results are going to be published soon. In the meantime, here’s all you need to know about Spark AR’s update.

facebook spark ar filters

What is Spark AR

Spark AR is Facebook's augmented reality platform where anyone can create augmented reality filters and effects for mobile camera.

First introduced in 2017, it was a software suite for developers primarily. However, with a couple of recent releases, the platform became friendly to any user who’s like to add spark to Instagram Stories - without any design or coding skills needed.

The closed beta version of Spark AR studio was announced in May being available for the selected circle of Instagram influencers. As an AR content creator or face filter fans, you could apply for the program and get your filter published.

The public beta has been anticipated since Facebook’s announcement on F8 Conference. Now it comes tried, tested and heat up, allowing developers, artists, influencers, and businesses of every size to augment Instagram Stories and overlay their creativity onto the world.

New feature of Facebook’s Spark AR open beta

The most important (and in fact the only) new feature added is the Effects Gallery. Instagram users can now discover camera face filters created by the community. To explore and try on camera face filters created by other users, go to your Instagram Camera and press “Browse Effects” at the end of your effects tray.

Facebook reported more than 1 billion people have used camera face filters created on the Spark AR platform. Instagram daily active user base accounts for 500 million people as of January 2019. And it’s seeing a steady growth within years.

Instagram DAU

Instagram DAU:

Spark AR is an amazing opportunity for all people to get creative in their storytelling, make their special photo moment like a wedding or birthday even more special and overlay their imagination onto reality using augmented reality.

Businesses small and large alike can capitalize on the augmented reality to engage with their audience creatively with custom face filters, e.g. advertise products, get their message heard, build brand awareness and drive consumers and prospects organically.

How to get started creating your camera face filters in SparkAR

  1. Download Spark AR Studio and explore the user interface.

  2. Watch tutorials and go through the documentation guide. It’ll basically include understanding the core components like face tracker, adding a face mesh, creating materials and applying textures. Facebook keeps you covered on every step with easy to follow guides.

  3. Join and communicate with the creator community following and Spark AR Community Facebook Group.

  4. Test effect examples and start creating your own FaceAR!

Where you can use Facebook’s camera face filters?

Even though Facebook sets on a path of augmented reality and camera effect’s democratization with Spark AR’s open beta, you can publish your AR content only on Instagram Stories. The same policy works for Snapchat Lens where you can also create your custom camera face filters but publish them on Snapchat only.

For developers or brands who want to launch camera face filters in their apps, Banuba provides Face Filter SDK and Filter Editor.

See FaceAR SDK

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