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FaceAR 0.23.0 Release: Improved Face Tracking

Face AR SDK Rlease 0.23.0 preview

New SDK release pushes the boundaries of our Face AR technology, making its features accessible on more platforms. We’ve also improved the face detection technology implementing the neural-based approach and added the support of Windows and Web for a range of neural networks.

Neural network-based face detection

The poorly optimized face detection deteriorates the end-user experience, which results in face filter lagging and frequent losses. With fast and stable face detection optimized for different conditions, e.g. low lighting, head angles or face occlusion, the end-user experience runs smoothly. The application saves the computational resources and deliveries better speed and performance.

By implementing the neural network-based face detection approach we improved the speed of face detection and achieved wide angles support. As a result, the quality of the face filter experience significantly improved. See the video below to estimate the difference.

FaceAR 0.23.0: Neural Network-based Face Detection

Neural networks support for Windows and Web

We’ve been working on making the Face AR features available beyond mobile devices. So we’ve added our neural networks support for Windows and Web for you could implement the best augmented reality user experiences right where you need them, be it your website or photo booth. The full list of neural networks with Windows and Web support include:

Other fixes and improvements

  • Sync audio and video during recording on Android
  • Fast background on iPhone 6 and lower.
  • Correct neural networks behavior during device rotations
  • Video textures support (Android 10)
  • Crashes on Adreno chipsets
  • Stability fixes

The full list of add-ons, fixes and improvements of our FaceAR Platform is available in the Release Note history.

We’re excited to see your apps empowered with new FaceAR features! Get in touch for a free trial!

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