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How L’Oreal Shapes The Future of Beauty AR Experience

Posted by Alena Arsenova on Jan 2, 2019 8:52:24 AM

 5 years ago virtual makeup try-ons were a novelty. Something that people were buzzing about just because it was new and fun. Today, new generations of consumers are growing up in a one-click buy culture. And virtual cosmetics apps are commonplace to them.

The world’s biggest beauty brand L’Oréal has been among the pioneers in augmenting the makeup shopping experience. It's now a front-runner that completely reshapes the way we buy cosmetics. Read on to learn how L'Oreal benefits of the beauty AR apps and the trends it sets for the future.

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Topics: Beautification, Augmented reality, Virtual Try-on

Beautification: “Can’t Blame Me For Wanting To Look Better”

Posted by Alena Arsenova on Dec 22, 2018 5:28:39 AM


In the era of Instagram and selfie obsession, beautification apps are on top of trends. What AI beautification is all about? Another selfie-help gimmick? Or a game-changer for the camera experience?

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Topics: Beautification, face modification software

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