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Google Tests AR Face Filters In Android Messages App

Google Message AR face filters test

A few weeks ago we reviewed Google’s new AR Beauty Try On feature for Youtube, and now we found Google testing Instagram-like AR face filters in its Messages app. The feature was discovered by XDA Developers team who managed to enable and demo AR filters on their device.

The community has started to ask questions and give predictions on whether these tests may lead Google in future. Being into AR face filters for 3 years, we can but put in our opinion.

Google’s Messages AR face filters overview

The camera filters presented by Google feature background animation primarily. The Effects button sits intuitively inside Android Messages' camera next to the Photo and Video buttons.

At this moment only 5 effects are available:

  • the cartoon airplane to see your face fly away in an airplane window

  • the balloons coming in front and behind you for your feast mood

  • fireworks on your background to celebrate something special

  • confetti effect for your WOW moments

  • an angel filter to see yourself with a halo and a pair of wings

Even though the effects look basic at the moment, they perform quite well which is due to Google’s powerful ARCore face tracking. We’ve been testing and comparing it with our face tracking software and the results are coming soon.

Do Google’s AR face filters copy Snapchat?

No. Some people compare Google’s camera effects with Snapchat, however, the classical Snapchat-like face filters allow for a way more varied face modification features like beautification, morphing and triggers. At least for now, in terms of filter functionality, Snapchat has gone much further.

Besides, Snapchat has its own community and AR ads platform while Android Message is meant to chat with your friends.

Does Google copy Facebook’s Messenger?

Rather yes than no. Facebook’s Messenger features pretty similar functionality allowing you to switch to the selfie camera mode, try AR masks, take shots and send to your friends - all right from the app.

Face filters in Facebook’s Messenger look more beautiful and feature-rich compared to the current Google’s ones. Given the fact that it’s first Google’s test with face filters, in future Messages has all chances to become Facebook’s Messenger clone. Or even outpace it.

Do Google Messages filters copy iMessage?

Rather no than yes. The current iMessage 12 allows for animated stickers be added to your photo, changing its color along with hand painting but so far it doesn’t have filters based on face detection and tracking. To make your pics more creative, you need to manually drag and drop the elements while with face detection and tracking, the effects are applied automatically.

iOS users may not see live face filters soon either. In its iOS 13 announcement, Apple focused on Memoji advancements bringing in more customization options (pretty cool we must say, i.e. adding Memoji makeup and virtual accessories).

Summing up

Google hasn’t announced yet when the feature goes public, but we can’t wait to see it along with Android Message users. Where does Google head with Messages face filter tests?

Again, one can guess, and so do we. While the older generation has taken the news with scepticism, the younger Gen has proven to fall for face AR experiences. Will it make Android users switch from their messengers to Google’s one? Time will tell but all bets on it.

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